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                          Straight milling machine
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                          ? linear sand machine (2 sand head)

                          linear sand machine (2 sand head)

                          This series of machine is mainly used in high-grade ambry door, wooden door, door, bamboo cutting board, frame, box and similar artifacts side sanding, grinding, polishing and has the function of copying, sand, cutting surface configuration unit component (S) 400 sand frame edge surface sanding, polishing module can appropriate modelling of sanding, sand bald and feeding frequency control of motor speed, adapt to a variety of materials of white embryo and primer sanding.

                          Equipment characteristics:
                          1. This machine kind has the function of molding sand than light and the production efficiency, suitable for complex linear conjunction piece surface molding sand, such as: all kinds of door, door plate, frame than furniture all kinds of accessories.
                          2. The native species of sand belt speed and feed speed with no period of variable speed, suitable for all kinds of sanding wood white body or in the paint.
                          3. The native species of each unit for heavy structure are up, down, front and back Angle adjustment function, easy to adjust accurate and stable.
                          4. The native species of grinding head is equipped with automatic recharge function, grinding, grinding wheel during grinding can continue to ensure tunes on the grinding precision.
                          5. Sand with oscillation device, ensure the processing surface is smooth, uniform,
                          6. Pressure loading device adopts the spring load, compact and reliable, and it does not hurt the workpiece, short or intermediate 

                          Grinding unit is introduced

                          (S) 400
                          Suitable for all kinds of flat gray paint sanding, copying sanding;
                          With automatic and functions (test to grind, automatic highlight the sanding head backfilling round solution);
                          Modules can be copying sanding sheet according to various shape;
                          Adopts the ring type abrasive belt sanding mechanism and abrasive belt with the function of swing, reducing sand mark appear;
                          Abrasive belt impaction adopts pneumatic tension device, convenient to replace abrasive belt;


                          Note: 1, there are a variety of specifications, variety of sand or sand optional; 2, select the configuration according to customer's requirements, the price are different; 3, if you have any special requirements can be after consultation with our factory engineer to solve.



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