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                          Sanding machine use skills

                          >Announcer:ROKED Machinery    Release Time:2017-3-15 15:01:10

                          Sanding machine use skills
                          One, the selection and installation of abrasive belt, abrasive belt mesh of different craft door plank have specific provision.
                          Second, determine the height of sanding machine parameters (October 22, 2004)
                          Adjust the sanding machine before formal work show the number of accurate type:
                          Sanding machine number = plate thickness + thickness of abrasive belt
                          Use vernier caliper actual thickness of plate, plus the thickness of the abrasive belt, with thick sanding machine set above key input parameters, plate conveyor belts made after sanding machine, watching the state of the sand before sanding machine, parameter is the sanding machine abrasive belt of micro to cut 0.05 mm, if once again make the plank after sanding machine abrasive belt fixed (0.05 mm is the concept of manual regulation wheel down half a circle).

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