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                          The exhibition information
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                          Sharp division machinery sincerely invite you to attend 2016 wood dafeng port of China to the world

                          >Announcer:ROKED Machinery    Release Time:2016-11-14 9:57:45

                          In order to give full play to the role of the port of dafeng port timber resources, the backward of wood processing capacity, attract advanced wood processing enterprises, to save timber resources, increase effective supply, make up for all the domestic demand for timber, November 16, 2016 - November 18 at dafeng port center "wood dafeng port of China to the world expo fair" and promote the scientific materials, intelligent materials, cherish the theme of forest resources, protecting the earth home.
                          Second, the display range
                          1, log class
                          Russian material, Canada, the United States, Europe, North America, Africa, South America, southeast Asia, Australia and other imported material; Domestic lumber (Chinese fir, pine, camphor wood, elm, ju wood, walnut, according to wood, northeast China ash, mahogany, teak, merbau), etc.;
                          2, processed
                          Integrated timber, lumber, anticorrosive wood, carbonized wood, wood science and technology, modification and flame retardant wood, wood line, wood and plastic profile, etc.;
                          3, plank class
                          The pine board, particle board, plywood, joinery board/big core board, sound-absorbing board, decorative panels, fire prevention board, wood veneer, wood and plastic plate, etc.;
                          4, accessories and other
                          Adhesive, wood industry management institutions, wood certification body associated with wood, wood trading company and freight forwarders, logistics, transportation and other auxiliary industry.
                          5. Woodworking machinery
                          Plate processing machinery, material processing machinery, wood related testing instrument, etc.;
                          6. Wood products
                          Plate processing machinery, material processing machinery, wood related testing instrument, etc.;
                          Three, publicity and promotion
                          (a) deep, association propaganda
                          1, the key to visit an, linyi, heze in shandong, hebei, jiangsu province, zhejiang jiashan, luan, anhui henan luo river and other national key timber industry base; Through the left area of linyi wood six lodge association of man-made board, wood, anhui shuyang, pizhou wood, wood industry association luohe city wood such as the national association of regional groups.
                          2, by the organizer of China timber circulation association with wood division of with foreign government agencies, organizations, network media, non-governmental organizations, professional business communication and contact with China, and builds a bridge between supply and demand for domestic and international enterprises.
                          (2) the strength, the media alliance
                          The print, TV, Internet and other media on the stereo. Xinhua daily, China's wood, the Chinese wood industry network, China timber information, forest industry, the Chinese and foreign exhibition; Jiangsu TV, Salt Lake City television station, dafeng television; People's Daily online, xinhuanet, phoenix TV, China jiangsu network media and so on more than 200 industry continued to promote the conference report. Perfect exhibition of network platform, open "online exhibition", the enterprise can through the network application way.
                          (3) the efficient outdoor advertising
                          In collaboration with the national more than 20 professional market placed outdoor advertising; By the national major highway and airport billboard; Shandong, jiangsu, zhejiang, hebei and other production base of billboard advertising omni-directional integration of buyers resources, achieve the propaganda effect flow * * * ".
                          (4) foreign buyers and invite professional visitors
                          1, by the organizer and association, the domestic counterpart invited professional associations and organizations abroad, coming to China to visit, procurement, negotiation.
                          2, ccpit, city by city business bureau, contact the foreign professional exhibition organizer, joint lot, promote communication, and professional exhibition abroad on-site promotion and invitation.
                          3, set up professional foreign merchants ostentatious team, communicate with foreign trade enterprises, organizations and invited, by publishing foreign professional website and magazines, newspapers, and reached a cooperation agreement with them.
                          4, communicate with the domestic various outreach agency, investment promotion flaunt agreement, promote foreign enterprises and organizations to participate in.
                          5, introduced preferential policies to foreign customers and professionals to join.
                          Location: China, dafeng Hong Kong convention and exhibition center

                          Address: No. 7, Chengye Road, Xiaishi Industrial Zone, Lunjiao, Shunde District, Foshan City

                          Tel: 13929280733 Mr. Du

                          Phone: 0757-22123239

                          Fax: 0757-27880808

                          Alibaba: https://fsruikejixie.1688.com/

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