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                          The exhibition information
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                          Sharp families, we sincerely invite you to attend April 21 to 23, 2017 household building materials

                          >Announcer:ROKED Machinery    Release Time:2017-4-19 13:03:09

                          Foshan sharp secco machinery co., LTD. We sincerely invite you to attend April 21 to 23, 2017 household building materials show in changsha
                          A, exhibition area
                          (a) whole house custom classes:
                          1, the overall kitchen cabinet/chest, whole kitchen/bathroom, kitchen appliances, healthy home appliances
                          2 soft assembly act the role ofing, furniture customization,
                          3, integrated housing, wooden villa/wood plastic customization
                          (2) decorative building materials categories:
                          1, door, locks, building decoration hardware:
                          2, wall decoration materials, wall act the role ofing/background wall, wallpaper, diatom mud, paint
                          3, floor, floor tile, floor, ground materials
                          (3) building industrialization technology products, green building materials
                          1, building industrialization technology and equipment, building energy conservation
                          2, doors and Windows, glass, curtain wall and equipment accessories, sunshade products:
                          Window of model steel door, aluminum alloy doors and Windows, glass fiber reinforced plastic doors and Windows, stealth doors and Windows; Model steel profile, aluminum, doors and Windows equipment and accessories; Hollow glass, coated glass, curtain wall glass, sealing materials, glass glue; Glass equipment, engraving machine; Indoor sunshade sunshade products, outdoor shade products, door and window screens, act the role of form a complete set of equipment, window accessories, fence, etc.

                          (4) woodworking machinery and furniture fittings
                          Woodworking machinery and furniture fittings, cabinet/chest fittings, door industry production machinery, castor, leather, etc.;
                          Doors and Windows machinery, doors and Windows accessories, floor production line, stone processing machinery, etc.
                          (5) software system
                          Furniture design, interior decoration, design software, software home custom software, data, architectural design software, other software, etc.

                          Exhibition location: hunan international convention and exhibition center

                          Address: No. 7, Chengye Road, Xiaishi Industrial Zone, Lunjiao, Shunde District, Foshan City

                          Tel: 13929280733 Mr. Du

                          Phone: 0757-22123239

                          Fax: 0757-27880808

                          Alibaba: https://fsruikejixie.1688.com/

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