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                          Industry dynamic
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                          Abrasive abrasive industry development trend over the next five years

                          >Announcer:ROKED Machinery    Release Time:2017-4-9 13:59:45

                          Abrasive abrasive industry development trend over the next five years
                          As "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning outline", around the regional platform of coming out, there is no doubt that accelerated the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing, which will also greatly stimulated the development of our abrasive abrasive industry.
                          In a long time in the past, abrasive abrasive enterprises existing production capacity of scattered, small scale, low efficiency; Products are mainly concentrated in the low-end market, product technology content is low, new product research and development ability is weak; Industry overcapacity, a series of problems such as low grinding product homogeneity. In the next five years, abrasive abrasive industry will show how a trend? The opportunity of grinding mills? The following is a small make up a list of the coated with abrasive research should focus on several aspects.

                          1, the application in engineering ceramics, glass and cemented carbide and other special grinding processing synthetic diamond and cubic boron nitride coated with abrasive research: superhard materials coated with abrasive dedicated line should mean.
                          2, used in man-made board, chipboard, medium density fiberboard), engineering plastics, solar energy materials, steel, non-ferrous metals such as high efficiency, heavy load abrasive belt grinding all polyester high strength heavy load of study, such as: density board sand, sand particle board, zirconium corundum sand belt, etc.
                          3, used in high efficiency, high precision, long life of cork accumulation of grinding abrasive abrasive belt, abrasive abrasive belt development: ceramic abrasive cork manufacturing technology, development of accumulation of abrasive, abrasive development, hollow ball abrasive.
                          4, applied to aircraft engine 
                          5, applied to prevent jams, prevent burns, anti-static special coated abrasive belt grinding and so on research and development, such as: high-end coated sand paper, dry abrasive paper, abrasive belt.
                          6, used in high finish, high precision grinding of non-woven fabrics coated with abrasive development: the development of high-grade non-woven fabrics.
                          7, applied to the development of the automobile manufacturing polymer thin film coated with abrasive, such as: car sandpaper polymer polyester film
                          In abrasives, the future of China, or other industries, with independent research and development capabilities, product core competitiveness, to achieve high added value products manufacturing and sales ability, as well as a complete brand planning and marketing ability of enterprises, have the power of sustainable development.

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