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                          The exhibition information
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                          2017 guangzhou international exhibition of woodworking machinery and accessories

                          >Announcer:ROKED Machinery    Release Time:2017-3-29 9:27:53

                          The exhibition "industry event, unlimited business opportunities" as the theme, carry out the exhibition concept of paying equal attention to "sell", provide enterprises with a full display of product performance, quality service and promote sales platform, with more than 50000 professional audience the scene negotiations, grasps the overseas market and open up domestic excellent opportunity. Rapidly and promote the industry healthy and orderly development, and make the industry jointly interpret the industry feast!

                          Woodworking machinery equipment, woodworking machinery and equipment: cutting machines, grinding machines, dry dusting machines, sawing machines, drilling machines, milling machines, woodworking engraving machine, carpenter ornamental engraving and milling machine, edge banding machines, sanding machines, plate machinery, paint coating, plate production line, auxiliary machinery, second-hand woodworking machinery, forest and wood cutting machine, and other woodworking machinery;
                          Special woodworking equipment: wood drying equipment, wood crusher, wood flame retardant, anticorrosive, modified equipment, packaging machinery, printing machinery, hot melt adhesive machine, wood products experiment and testing equipment, etc.;
                          Woodworking machinery spare parts, linear guide, linear bearings, rubber roller, woodworking machinery, pneumatic components, motor, reducer, transmission chain, universal coupling, the handwheel, drag chain, handle, ?

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