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                          Products are widely used in wood processing, furniture / cabinets / bathroom processing, wardrobe / sliding door processing, wood window processing, baseboard / decorative line processing, etc.

                          CUSTOMER COOPERATION

                          Invites dealers across the country
                          • Has a wealth of experience and professional? Technical team
                            Technical team to provide standardized technical guidance and Q & A
                            Quality assurance cost-effective
                            Exquisite workmanship, and constantly committed to new technology research and development, open up new products
                          • Years of sedimentation of the corporate culture
                            Woodworking machinery for many years R & D, design, production experience, was named "national key brand protection units"
                          • Continuous improvement and innovation, to meet market demand
                            Innovative research and development products, time-saving and durable, access to national? Technology patents and appearance patents
                            After - sales service team
                            A strong production capacity and supporting the perfect after-sales system, to provide customers with the most intimate services
                          About Us+

                          Foshan Ruike Machinery Co., Ltd. (formerly Ruike Woodworking Machinery Factory) is a professional manufacturer of wooden doors, door line, baseboard, bathroom board, anti-times special board, cabinet board, crib, Milling, milling, polishing, sanding equipment manufacturers.

                          Address: No. 7, Chengye Road, Xiaishi Industrial Zone, Lunjiao, Shunde District, Foshan City

                          Tel: 13929280733 Mr. Du

                          Phone: 0757-22123239

                          Fax: 0757-27880808

                          Alibaba: https://fsruikejixie.1688.com/

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