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                          Company Profile
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                          Foshan sharp secco machinery co., LTD. formerly sharp division woodworking machinery factory is a professional production of wooden door, the door line, line that play a base, defend bath plate, resistance times the special plate, cabinet panels, baby bed, wood products such as milling, milling, polishing, sanding equipment manufacturer.
                          Technology integration of Italy, Taiwan, the company research and development manufacturing special-shaped lines sanding machine, automatic linear edge sand machine, automatic anti bate edge milling machine, fully automatic plate edge milling machine, door cover sanding machine, special-shaped door plate edge milling machine, wide profile sanding machine, the crib sanding machine, heavy wooden line 150 machine, and a series of wooden door, wooden window equipment manufacturers, the current development of MXS line profile sanding machine series, MX series linear profile sand machine, WYX series resistance times the special milling machine, line plate automatic production lines and other industry equipment, integrating research, development, production and sales.
                          The company by the abundant technical force and professional spirit -  legislation plant by quality, credibility is to  business philosophy, and repeated success, today's quality is tomorrow's market, today's pilot set sail tomorrow. We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you, common development in the rapidly changing market.

                          Address: No. 7, Chengye Road, Xiaishi Industrial Zone, Lunjiao, Shunde District, Foshan City

                          Tel: 13929280733 Mr. Du

                          Phone: 0757-22123239

                          Fax: 0757-27880808

                          Alibaba: https://fsruikejixie.1688.com/

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